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When a computer was donated to The Corner Institute so that barrio children could learn computer skills, a group of young women asked if they could take computer classes, too. They had come to regret their earlier decision to drop out of school and take poorly paid jobs-cleaning house and caring for children-in order to help support their families. Offered the chance to study after work, and motivated by the hope of getting better jobs, they set to work with a will learning typing skills and basic computer programs, motivated by the hope of being able to get better jobs. Their self-esteem is rising, and they are bringing key skills and energy to organizing the community events-health days, children's activities and a benefit photography exhibit-which have been so successful and well attended.

Now the Corner Institute’s team members are receiving training in a variety of skills, including use of computers and internet communications, accounting, administration, photography and English, which they then apply in our projects and programs in support of migrants’ families and children. The skills and self-assurance they develop in their work with the Corner Institute not only are helpful in carrying out our programs, but they also provide a real advantage for our young people seeking employment in other places when they list their experience working with the Corner Institute on their resumes (and we also provide team alumni with support in resume writing).