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From its inception, the Corner Institute's goal has been to promote the educational and economic development of Malinalco's campesino community, making a priority of providing its services to those in greatest need. Thanks to support ranging from local neighborhood associations to area businesses and church groups to friends in Mexico, Central America, the U.S., and Great Britain and, more recently, foundation support, we have been able to continue offering the community of Malinalco educational support and services for migrants children and families without charge since 1998.

If you would like to join us in creating a better future for this rural Mexican region, you can be assured that your donation will work together with the good will of the community and the creative energy of Malinalco's young people to create multiplier effects.

Our warmest thanks for the support and participation in the Corner Project that has helped us get something great going in Malinalco to:


The Anna Maria Brunner Fund

The Cotswold Foundation

Fomento Educacional, A.C.

The Global Fund for Children

The San Carlos Foundation



Nonprofit organizations

Centro de Derechos del Migrante / The Center for Migrants' Rights

Jesuit Migrant Services

Mexican Center for Philanthropy

Miguel Augustin Pro Human Rights Center

“All Rights for All” National Network of Human Rights Organizations

World Care


Educational Institutions

Malinalco area primary and secondary school systems

Municipality of Malinalco Department of Education

Princeton in Latin America (PiLA)

Universidad del Estado de Mexico (UAEM)

Universidad Iberoamericana

State University of New York, Fredonia

Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley

Luis Mario Schneider Cultural Center



Café la Fe

Comedor familiar de Doña Luisa Bernal

Club de Golf de Malinalco

Construccion Inmobiliaria

Editorial Tecolote


Hotel El Granado

Hotel Las Cúpulas

Hotel Limón

Hotel Marmil


One World Projects

Restaurante Clavo y Canela

Restaurante Las Palomas

Restaurante Los Placeres


Public agencies

Municipal Government of Malinalco

Government of the State of Mexico Human Rights Department

Government of the State of Mexico Office of Attention to Migrants

Malinalco Department of Tourism

Malinalco's Malinalxochitl Municipal Cultural Center


Churches and Religious Organizations

Diocese of Tenancingo, Mexico

Diocese of Toluca, Mexico

St. Patrick Catholic Church, Kathleen, Georgia

Divine Savior Parish of Malinalco

School Sisters of Notre Dame

Sisters of the Good Samaritan, Malinalco

Sisters of the Precious Blood, Dayton, Ohio


Friends from the Harvard Classes of 72 and 73

Stuart Berman

Sarah Dixwell Brown

Carol Anne Buckley

*Stephen McG. Bundy

Thomas W. Cooper

Judy Esterquest

Ellen Fireman

Katharine Flanders Mukherji

Jerome Harris

Anthony Hill

Thomas Howell

Janna Malamud Smith

Toni Martin

Begabati Lennihan

Roger and Gina Myerson

James H. Rowe

Marian Schwartz

Philip A. Straus

Williard Witherspoon


Friends from the Westlake High School Class of 69

*David Farrar

Joseph Federkiel

Kathy Michelich Petersen


Friends in Mexico, the U.S. and the U.K.


Ben Achtenberg

Celia and Leopoldo Aguirre

Marta Alcocer

*John and Elaine Alexander

Laurence T. Austin

Dennis Berman

Daniel Boyd

James Briscoe

Jock A. Campbell

Lourdes García-Navarro

R. H. Garrett-Goodyear
Charlotte and John Paul Gay

*Renny Golden

Marian and Edmund Hazzard

David Holiday

Kathleen Hunter

Adila Laidi-Hanieh

María Guadalupe Martínez and Tomás Achiquén

Dulce Medina

Lauro Medina Ortega

Lorena Méndez
Julietta Nagell

Christine Pendzich

Nelly Reyes

Arnold S. Rosenberg

Maruca Ruiz

Federico Sayre

Robert and Joan Scholl

Fred and Mary Scholl

Steven Seymour y Karen Koslow

Charles Shapiro

*Martin Sheen

Claudia Silverman

Dianne Solis

Lara and Enid Thompson

Irene Selser

Marta Ventura Selser

Frank Von Hippel

Charles V. Wait

Dona Gene Wiseman and Gerald Gallant

Michael Wright


*Special supporting friends of the Corner Institute


And above all: the Community of Malinalco


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