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Dean Brackley, SJ, (1946-2011) was a theologian on the faculty of the University of Central American in San Salvador, where he taught ethics. Originally from the U.S., he went to El Salvador 1990, to help fill the gap left after the assassination of the six Jesuit professors of the UCA. He was the author of several books of theology, combining his academic duties with community work in the rural parish of Jayaque, El Salvador, and serving as parish priest in Las Palmas, San Salvador. He was a hit with the children who started the Corner Project, you can see from the photo taken during a visit to Malinalco in 2001, and he continued advising the Corner Institute team, returning to direct a team retreat in 2010.

Edgar Cortez is executive secretary of the Mexican National Network of Human Rights Organizations (Red Nacional de Organismos Civiles de Derechos Humanos "Todos los derechos para Todos") and former director of Mexico's Miguel Agustín Pro Human Rights Center. He is shown here with members of The Corner Project's youth group, who participated in an organizational workshop he directed in Barrio San Juan in September, 2004.

Robert Ellsberg is publisher and managing editor of Orbis Books, a publishing company sponsored by the Maryknoll Brothers whose prize-winning books of theology include works by a wide range of spiritual leaders, including Thomas Merton, the Dalai Lama, Mohandas Gandhi, Thich Nhat Hanh, Mother Teresa, Albert Schweitzer. Robert is also known for his own thoughtful books about saints both modern and historic, including the prize-winning best seller, All Saints. His practical advice and kind encouragement constituted a major source of help and inspiration to us in the artisanal publishing endeavors of the Corner Institute's Imaginary Publishing Company.

Rafael Moreno Villa, SJ, has worked for decades in the defense of human rights for Latin America's disenfranchised, including his wartime service as assistant for social issues to El Salvador's beloved Monsignor Arnulfo Romero during the three years prior to his assassination that Monsignor Romero served as archbishop of San Salvador. He currently serves as assistant director of Mexico’s Jesuit Migrant Services and regional coordinator of the Jesuit Migrant Service network in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Roger Myerson

Roger Myerson is a Nobel Prize-winning economist whose interest in Third World development issues brought him to contact his former classmate, Corner Project coordinator Ellen Calmus, about the possibility of visiting Malinalco during a trip to address an international meeting of economists in Mexico City. The Corner Institute invited Roger to participate in a brief residency designed to consider problems of development that tend not to be as familiar to North American economists. Roger honored our team by saying he felt he'd learned something during his Malinalco experience, even if he wasn't sure (yet) how to put it into his graphs. As you can see, Roger enjoyed his climb to the top of the ancient Aztec pyramid that overlooks the Malinalco valley.

Nelly Reyes, who migrated to the United States when she married a New York lawyer, is a San Francisco immigration consultant and former Assistant Director for Economic Information at Mexico City's American Chamber of Commerce. She participates in San Francisco's American Jewish World Service's philanthropic activities and advises The Corner Institute on immigration issues.



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