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The design of our Malinalco Migrants' Eagle brooch is based on the eagle-shaped altar stone of the Aztec temple that is one of Malinalco's greatest historic treasures, carved into the living rock of the mountain above Malinalco's central plaza. The temple's stone eagles have special meaning for our master carvers, for these were the symbol of the Aztec elite known as the Eagle Warriors, who came to Malinalco for their spiritual training. We feel the eagle altar stone makes a perfect symbol of our care and concern for our migrants who travel north, often at great risk and personal sacrifice, in search of work to support their families.


Malinalco Migrants' Eagle brooches are carved from locally-grown cedar (and a portion of the profits from sales of our products will be used for reforestation) and measure about 2.5 inches from beak to tail. The finished carvings are laboriously hand-polished to bring out the rich tones of the wood. The brooch pin, made to our design by a family of silver artisans in Taxco, has an oval silver base that complements the shape of the eagle:


The matching cedar-and-silver earrings are carved in the shape of the nasturtiums native to this continent that blossom in profusion around Malinalco. The posts are surgical steel, set onto a hand-cut circular silver base. The flowers measure slightly over 1 inch in diameter, but are so delicately carved that despite their dramatic size they are very light and comfortable to wear.


The coordinating scarf is hand-woven on our area's traditional waist looms from the finest cotton, which our weavers custom dye to the colors shown here: a warm brown threaded with a narrow black stripe, pairing up beautifully with the brooch and earrings to bring out the rich tones of the polished cedar. The sides are finished with a drawn-thread embroidered hem; the ends have a long fringe set off with a deep band of hand-knotted border. The scarf has a beautiful drape and is long enough (over 7 feet long and just over 5 inches wide) to be tied in a variety of styles.


We are dedicating all earnings from these products to support our projects to help our migrants' children and families, and to provide training and local jobs for our area youths and returning migrants.



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