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The Corner Institute’s mission is to promote our region's educational and economic development, giving priority to programs that will benefit those in greatest need.

Located in the municipality of Malinalco, a historically Aztec region in the highlands southwest of Mexico City, the Corner Institute works in partnership with community members to help remove obstacles to development and provide the training and tools needed for the people of this region to thrive. 

In the last decade, Malinalco’s changing economy (see context) has led a rising number of area youths to migrate to the U.S. in search of work – and to a rising number of families needing help when their migrant relatives encounter the difficulties and dangers that are all too plentiful for migrants from places like ours.

Since 2005 the Corner Institute’s work in educational and economic development has given priority to helping the families and children of migrants from our region. This has allowed us to focus our efforts on assisting the families and children in greatest need, to help them solve problems before they become family-fragmenting crises, while generating new earning opportunities for area youths, migrants’ widows and returned migrants.                . . .  . More